Welcome to Alchimicas merchandise page. You can find everything the PPM is currently selling right here. If interested in purchasing one or more of these items, you can drop by Ad Hok (Forum, 501) or contact us via The previous address can also be contacted for any further questions or comments.

Alchimica Sweater (Green)

Colour the Molecular Weekend and the winter green with this brand-new sweater. It is available in the sizes S, M, L and XL. Buy it for 20,- and make everyone turn green with jealousy.

Alchimica Sweater

Would you like to feel warm and cozy but at the same time, display your fiery molecular passion? In that case, we offer you this classic Alchimica sweater for just 18,-, available in purple (L) and in red (S, M, L, XL).

Alchimica Pul

Do you still want a cool Alchimica pul. The cost of a pul will be around € 6, – per piece and is essential for a cool molecular life sciences student!

Molecular Mug

Do you prefer to do your drinking from a mug? You can!  The Molecular Mug: Wetenschaap edition will cost you only 4,-.


Pauli T-Shirt

Did you take a course in quantum mechanics and would you like to showcase your superior intelligence to the entire world? Then this is the shirt for you! It can be yours for only 15,- in M or L.

Alchimica Tie

Do you want to make a good impression? Is purple just really your colour? Or do you want to give the gala a little touch of Alchimica purple? Get this Alchimica Tie for 10,-.


Alchimica Umbrella

Are you afraid of DHMO too? Don’t panic, we have the ultimate shield for you! In alchimica purple and adorned with a special edition logo. For only  €5,50 you’ll never be soaked in class.

Schrödinger’s Cat T-Shirt

Have you, for some reason, failed to obtain a Schrödingers cat shirt? Or are you looking for a nice Molecular present for your little brother, sister or cousin? In that case, we can offer you some nice shirts for 10,- in normal and very tiny sizes.