What started as an overzealous initiative of two enterprising students (Martijn and Arjan Dresmé) has grown into a company with 4 branches: Nijmegen, Utrecht, Groningen and Wageningen.

On February 4th of 2005, DressMe Clothing was registered at the Chamber of Commerce in Nijmegen. DressMe Clothing started as a supplier of small quantities of (printed) textile mainly in the region of Nijmegen. Soon it became clear that more flexibility and service could be provided if the printing of clothing could be done in-house. Both the supply of clothing and the printing of it became part of the company. All textiles can now be provided with transfer printing, screen printing and full color printing. In short: DressMe Clothing can provide everything. We are a flexible company and try to meet the needs of our clients as much as possible. Even if we have to do something extra.

The ambition went beyond supplying textile in the Nijmegen region. It is of course possible to order clothes from all over the Netherlands through the website. But the vision of DressMe Clothing is to be close to the customer, so they can see and feel what textile or garment is ordered. With this vision, a new office was opened in early 2011 in Utrecht, a strategically good position because of its location and the many students. In 2017 our fourth branch opened in Wageningen.

A large part of the turnover of DressMe Clothing comes from orders from student associations and other student groups. Therefore it is our ambition to establish ourselves close to the students, and thus in the student cities.

In short, DressMe Clothing is slowly developing into a beautiful company with many opportunities. DressMe Clothing, dare to distinguish!