Who are we?

M.S.V. Alchimica is the student association for the course Molecular Life Sciences at Wageningen University. All bachelor and master students following the course can become members of M.S.V. Alchimica. Molecular Life Sciences is a course in which molecules are central, and the processes of life are studied from a biological, chemical and physical point of view, from cellular to molecular levels. Membership is unconstrained and integration between year groups and personal development are central. To encourage students in this we organise weekly activities and offer many opportunities to discover the possibilities alongside and outside the course molecular life sciences.

Not all student associations are the same, so what can you expect from M.S.V. Alchimica?

Every week there is at least one activity; a Christmas dinner, lab coat decorating evening, themed parties, cake lunches or a drink evening in our own association den. There are all sorts of committees that organise these activities a few times a year – the activities committee, the first years’ committee, the biercie, the sportcie, etc. There is also the external contacts committee that organises excursions to companies, interesting lunch seminars and career markets. You can apply to committees yourself and in this way Alchimica offers various possibilities towards personal development. Every so often committees from different student associations work together to organise activities encouraging interaction between different course students.

At the beginning of the academic year the weekend committee organises the molecular weekend. This is the best and first opportunity to meet fellow students and we encourage all first year students to join us.

Alchimica also has a newsletter, the Periodica. This is published four times a year and as a member you will receive this in your inbox, full of fun columns and (occasionally embarrassing) photos. Starting with an introduction from the chairman there are articles in which students divulge about their work placements abroad, there are summaries of previous activities, and a molecular horoscope is also included.

If you’re interested what is currently happening at M.S.V. Alchimica don’t hesitate to take a look at the online calendar or become a member of the Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/msvalchimica/

The exec is always happy to answer any questions; you can contact them at msv.alchimica@wur.nl