Charlotte Bielchowsky – President
Robbin Kramer – Vice President, Commissioner Education

Maaike van Tol – Secretary
Tim Hendriksen – Treasurer
Rick Nooijen – Commissioner Committees

Hello and nice to meet you! We are the part time exec of M.S.V. Alchimica. We all have our own tasks and meet once a week to discuss all the things that involve Alchimica and its members. However, we see each other almost every day at either Alchimica’s own activities or those of other student associations. Every year we make sure that the association is run smoothly – interested in the exec yourself? Contact msv.alchimica@wur.nl

Our association common room, Ad Hok, is located on the fifth floor of Forum. During lunch breaks students meet here to eat together, occasionally gather for committee meetings and at least once a week we have a drink together after a long day working and studying. In each university period there is also a General members meeting here, where we as exec have the lead. During this meeting members can have their say about things concerning the association – although naturally you can come to us any time with tips and comments. Then there is also the weekly email, sent out on Sunday evening, with an overview of the week’s activities and other useful information for anyone studying molecular life sciences. We support the committee work in planning and organising activities and also organise some ourselves, like the end of the year BBQ. Of course, none of this could happen without the help of our sponsor, who we are very grateful of. Do you have any questions about membership, activities of sponsorship? Send us an email at msv.alchimica@wur.nl. We’d love to hear from you!