Escaperoom organised by the EJC

The EJC (First year’s committee) is a committee made up of first year molecular life sciences students that organise activities for fellow first years.

The EJC (First year’s committee) is a committie which, as the name implies, consists completely of first year Moleculars. The EJC organises activities aimed at their fellow first-years mede-eerstejaars.

The pimp-my-labcoat-evening

What those activities are is entirely dependent on what the EJC decides on doing and what they are capable of. Activities like movie nights, game nights and picknicks have all been organised by several EJC’s in the past years. A recent tradition is an integration party with sister association CODON, the “Black & White Party”, while the “pimp-my-labcoat”-evening has long prevented new moleculars from walking their labs in only white.