Below is a list of all the Alchimica committees. Interested in being involved in organising any of these activities and becoming part of a committee? Send an email to the Alchimica exec. If you have a good idea for an activity but don’t want to be involved in the committee work then you can also contact the exec. Articles for the Periodica or ideas for new Alchimica ‘goodies’ are also welcome; again, send us an email at

Regular comittees

Executive: Of course the executive is a committee! Each year a new executive reigns over the association and by coordinating committees and being the face of the association to both the members and non-members they keep the association moving forward. The Executive meets weekly, is present at nearly every activity and represents Alchimica to other assiciations for instance at changes of executives. Alchimica’s change of executive occurs steadfastly as early in january as circumstances allow and then the entire executive is changed, in contrast to te practice of many other associations.

ECC: The ECC (External Contacts Committee) organises seminars and excursions for Alchimica members. The committee is also responsible for gaining sponsors and keeping in contact with them and companies that could be interesting for Alchimica and Molecular students in general.

EJC: The EJC (First year’s committee) is a committee made up of first year molecular life sciences students that organise activities for fellow first years.

Foton: Photo committee for M.S.V. Alchimica; they make sure that all activities are well documented and select photos that are ‘acceptable enough’ to be shown on the website.

MAXI: The MAXI (Molecular Activity Committee) is the committee that organises all the simply fun activities – the ‘gezelligheids’ committee. They have, for instance, organised the ‘its-not-Christmas-yet’ dinner, the games nights, film nights and the п-day ‘borrel’.

MusiCie: The MusiCie is Alchimica’s own DJ-committee. The MusiCie raises the festivity of certain activities by spinning high-quality hits.

PPM: The PPM (Publication, Promotion and Merchandise) designs, creates and sells products that are somehow molecular. Molecular mugs, molecular shirts, molecular stickers, molecular sweaters, maybe even molecular underwear… You name it, the PPM makes it all! All merchandise by the PPM can be found here.

Redacie: The Redacie (editorial committee) publishes the Periodica, the association’s newsletter, four times a year. This newsletter is full of activity summaries, interesting interviews, useful and less useful (chemical) information.

Taartcie: The Taartcie (cake committee) bakes delicious cakes. They fill the stomachs of hungry molecular life scientists and also make sure the association den, “Ad Hok” is well known among Alchimica members.

Biercie: The Biercie (beer committee) organises all alcohol related activities. This can vary from pub crawls to full on dinners.

WWWcie: The WWWcie is the committee that handles all website and digital related affairs for Alchimica.

SportCie: The SportCie is the sport committee of Alchimica. Every period they organize activities like dodgeball, swimming and sport tournaments. They also manage the Open Nederlandese Chemie Sportdagen for Alchimica

Occasional committees

Lustrumcie: Every five years Alchimica celebrates her lustrum with a dedicated week full of activities. These range from a seminar to a reunion for Alchimica alumni. The week and its activities are organised by the Lustrum committee.

Almanakcie: At the same time as the lustrum, an almanac is published in which the history of the union over the previous 5 years in described. This almanac in produced by the almanac committee.

Ouderdagcie: This committee organises the parent’s day. This is a unique opportunity for parents of second year students to experience a day in the life of their son/daughter. Smell the curious smells of an organic chemistry lab and experience the sharing of knowledge in a lecture hall!

Weekendcie: Every year there is a molecular Weekend in the weekend before the self-study week of the first period. This weekend is an opportunity for first year students to get to know the older year groups. There is a theme each year which is made known during the AID (Annual Introduction Days for the WUR). This weekend is organised by the Weekendcie.

Advisory committees

KCC: The KCC (Cash box Control Committee) is made up of previous treasurers and controlled the budgets and financial statements when this is considered necessary. The exec can also ask this committee for advice on issues of finance.

VIPcie: The VIPcie (“Vinger-in-de-pap” (finger in the porridge) committee) consists of previous Alchimica exec members. They give current exec members advice about the running of Alchimica.

Educational committees

Voorlichtingscie: The students of the enlightening committee act as information officers on the shadow days and open days for BSc Molecular Life Sciences.